Hooks – Custom Theme Elements

Volume uses multiple Hooks to create the Custom Elements in the site.
All of them provide dynamic output and should not require any changes to their content.

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Slide Out Header

Special effects for the GP Slide Out Navigation
This hook adds a ‚header‘ to the slide out and its sole purpose is to create the Sticky Menu toggle. Nothing more.

Author Box

A simple PHP/HTML Author Box is hooked into the after_content on all Posts.
The content is dynamic and need not be adjusted.

Comment Toggle Switch

A little easter egg that allows you to show and hide Comments on a post.
For it to work it requires Javascript.

Head Scripts

Contains the Javascript for the Comment Toggle Switch. This script only runs on the Single Post.

Custom Post Navigation

Adding a custom featured image post navigation at the foot of all posts.
Please note: that the Post Navigation is disabled in the Customizer as it is not required.
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